Documentation and dissemination of the history of Denmark in Greenland and the Arctic

Danish Artic Institute is a small work place characterized by closeness, co-operation and many-sided responsibilities.

All employees are highly educated and have a relevant professional background, which is placed at the disposal of the users of the Institute and of its co-operators. In the everyday work, order and clearness of the collections are emphasized to the greatest extent possible and at a high level of service to the public.


Bent Nielsen, Ph.D., director: Phone: +45 32 31 50 50,

Since the 1st of September 2006, Bent Nielsen has been the manager of the Danish Arctic Institute. In 2005, he acquired the Ph.D-degree based on a doctorate thesis on the conditions of the Eskimo people in North-Eastern Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and as the leader of the Danish Tjukotka Expeditions he has combined the eskimology with modern Danish research in the Arctic areas. Further, Bent Nielsen has been trained as a graphic designer.


Stig Søndergaard Rasmussen, M.A., photo manager: Phone: +45 32 31 50 51,

Stig Søndergaard Rasmussen has a BA in Eskimology and Arctic Studies and a MA in History. Aside from managing the photo archive, Stig Søndergaard Rasmussen is also in charge of the webpages and does lectures for students and other groups visiting Danish Arctic Institute, focusing on the historical relation between Denmark and Greenland. He has written several articles focusing on historical photos for the publication Polarfronten, was a guide at the Danish National Museums Arctic Department, is a guide at Visit Carlsberg and has his own company, Nordoskop Formidling, offering guided tours in the old parts of Copenhagen.


Jørgen Trondhjem, Ph.d, archive manager: Phone: +45 32 31 50 55,

Jørgen Trondhjem has a Ph.D. in Eskimology and Arctic Studies and in Art History. Aside from managing the archive, Jørgen Trondhjem is also in charge of the registration and the photographing of the Art and Ethnographical collection. In 2007 he completed his Ph.D. about Greenlandic modern art and has been an external lecturer at both University of Copenhagen, department of Eskimology and Arctic Studies and at Ilisimatusarfik / University of Greenland. He does lectures in other contexts as well, focusing on Greenlandic art, Greenlandic history and the modern Greenland. He has written the book ’100 års grønlandsk billedkunst – en introduktion’, Turbineforlaget, 2012. Furthermore, he has a Nurse Education and has worked as such in Nuuk, Greenland from 1991-1995.


Jonna Votborg, student assistant

Jonna Votborg studies for a BA in Greenlandic and Arctic Studies. She is attached to the Hans Lynge-project.


Karina E. Sørensen, student assistant

Karina E. Sørensen has a BA from Eskimology and Arctic Studies and is currently doing her MA at Cross Cultural Studies.


Kathrine Thorp Sørensen, student assistant

Kathrine Thorp Sørensen studies for a BS from Biology. She is attached to the Christian Vibe-collection.


Magnus Schou Agnild, student assistant

Magnus Schou Agnild studies for a MA in History. He is attached to the photo archive.


Mathilde L. Rasmussen, student assistant

Mathilde L. Rasmussen, studies for a BA in History. She is attached to the photo archive.


Rose Holm, student assistant

Rose Holm studies for a BS from Biology. She is attached to the photo archive.


Janni Andreassen, journalist, volunteer

Jan Løve, cand. psych., volunteer

Gudrun Tølbøll, correspondent, volunteer



Volunteers at the Danish Arctic Institute

Many functions at the Danish Arctic Institute are attended to by volunteers, who in various ways have a relation to Greenland. The Institute highly appreciates the very engaged group of volunteers, who takes part in and contributes to the work with invaluable efforts during the years.

Should you want to become a volunteer, please contact the Institute for more information about wishes and options.

The Danish Arctic Institute

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