Documentation and dissemination of the history of Denmark in Greenland and the Arctic

Web Publications & Film shots

At intervals, the Arctic Institute publishes publications, either alone or jointly with other institutions. A number of these are web publications, and they may be downloaded here:

The diary of member of expedition Niels Haarløv: 1000 km dogsledging,

The material is collected and edited by Niels Haarløv’s nephew, Lars Christian Ingerslev.  For inquiries, if any, about the material, we refer to Niels Haarløv’s daughter, Anne Haarløv/


Niels Haarløv: "1,000 km by Dogsled" (English) (please note: the size of the file is app. 40 MB).

Download the map of Greenland

Film Shots

Kiste Arctica by Bjarne Rasmussen In three films officer Bjarne Rasmussen presents the expedition by the ship Kista Arctica from Aalborg to East Greenland in 1998.

Foto: Jette Bang (gjb03858), Qullissat 1939

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