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04/07 2018

Exhibition about the artist Eigil Knuth with a broad selection of his works.

Summer 2018.

Eigil Knuth was a renowned polar scientist,...

22/02 2018

New photos on our photo database Arktiske Billeder (Arctic Photos). All the photos from the first five Danish Chukotka Expeditions are now available....

20/04 2017

Based on the Danish Arctic Institute pocasts Iben Bjørnsson has in collaboration with the Arctic Journal written a number of articles. Please follow...

06/04 2017

A couple of days ago we had a visit from journalist Susanna Sommer from the Danish National Radio (P1 podcaster) and she has produced a podcast about...

03/04 2017

We have uploadet a new collection of photos to the database Arktiske Billeder. This time it is the fantastic photos taken by Anne Bang from Aasivik 78...

03/04 2017

Iben Bjørnsson has released the last podcast for Arktiske Historier.

The Danish policy of protection regarding Greenland: Rink, the seals and "the...

08/03 2017

Greenland was only on the fringes of the Second World War. But the changes it brought continue to have a profound impact. 

Read the article about "T...

07/03 2017

Iben Bjørnsson has released a new podcast - this time about the Thule Air Base. Listen to the podcast (in Danish only) and all the other podcasts at...

03/02 2017

Once again Iben Bjørnsson has, in collaboration with the Arctic Journal, written an article based on the series of podcasts. This article is based on...

03/02 2017

Iben bjørnsson has produced a new podcast - this time about 2nd World War in Greenland.

The podcast is in Danish.

Listen to the podcast here ->

Foto: Jette Bang (gjb03858), Qullissat 1939

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