Documentation and dissemination of the history of Denmark in Greenland and the Arctic

The archives

Search in the collections of photos, art and ethnographic materials, and sound. You can also find an index of the documents archived in Danish Arctic Institute

Knowledge Databases

Based on Arctic Institute's archives and other relevant archives we have made four knowledge databases available online. And a fifth is on its way.

Danish Arctic Institute

Find information about the institute´s employees, board and background and how to hand over materials to the archive.

Get to know about the Danish expeditions to Greenland, learn more about history, culture and society in Greenland and the Arctic regions. Danish Arctic Institute has a collection of documents, photos, maps, sound, a collection of art and ethnographic materials and a library. Learn more about the collections here on this website.

Photo Collection

The Danish Arctic Institute photo collection includes more than 250,000 photos. Of these around 150,000 photos are presented in the website, and each day new ones will be uploaded.

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