Documentation and dissemination of the history of Denmark in Greenland and the Arctic

Search the Greenland Registry


Access to the Greenland Registry can be obtained in two ways; via the geographical map or via the search bar.

Geographical map

The geographical map offers an overview of the contributors. The geographical locations of the contributors are displayed by “pins”. By clicking a pin, the registries and other information regarding the contributor can be accessed. Zoom in and out can be done via +/- and zoom in can also be done by double-clicking the map.

Search bar

A search using the search bar prompts results in the Greenland Registry.  However, due to the technical set-up, a search will be displayed as two separate results for the Greenland Registry and Danish Arctic Institute’s Document Database.

  • When typing the percent sign (%) in the search bar, all information for al actors will be displayed.
  • When clicking the actor name in the result list, all information for said actor will appear.
  • No further search with new search words in which the search results can be made from the database. However, it is possible to do so by using the search option in the browser. By pressing ‘ctrl’ + ‘f’ (Mac computers: ‘command’ + ‘f’), a search bar will appear by which an additional search within the results can be done.
  • A search includes all results wherein the search word is contained. Hence a search for “rasm” will prompt results, that include “rasmussen”, “rasmus”, and other words containing “rasm”. Thus, the usage of asterisk (*) is redundant.
  • Only one word (or part of a word) can be entered at a time, unless the words appear in exactly that order in the database, e.g. Peter Freuchen or Lokalhistorisk Arkiv. Word divider (|) and Boolean operators (and/or/not) do not apply.
  • Words containing diacritical marks (e.g., ´, `, ^, ~, ¨) will be included without using the correct character. Hence a search for “landsboka” will also show results containing “landsbóka”.


The language displayed in the contributors’ information is decided by the individual contributor. Most of the information is in Danish because the predominant part of the material is written in Danish. However, registries, or parts of registries, written in either Greenlandic or Faroese can be found.

Data responsibility

The contributor possessing the material and providing the information in the Greenland Registry is responsible for said information.

The Greenland Registry is in Danish, since most of the archival material is written in Danish. On occasion, news will be translated into Greenlandic, but for now the secretary is unfortunately not able to communicate in Greenlandic.

Questions concerning the Greenland Registry in general should be directed to project manager Lone Riis. Please feel free to reach out if relevant contributors are not mentioned in the database. Questions concerning specific information regarding collections or archival material should be directed directly at the relevant contributor.

(+45) 3231 5052