Documentation and dissemination of the history of Denmark in Greenland and the Arctic

The Greenland Registry leads the way to archival material pertaining to Greenland, located within the Danish Realm

The Database
The Greenland Registry offers an overview of archival material pertaining to Greenland, residing in archives, museums, and other collections (hereafter: contributors) within the Danish Realm (Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and Denmark). In the present context, archival material as such refers to unpublished paper documents, e.g., diaries, notebooks, manuscripts, letters, maps, and other records as well as journals, protocols, and registries from museums and archives. Many contributors also include photographs, and some include ethnographic objects.

The contributors provide registries and other information to the Greenland Registry’s database, and accordingly it is the contributors, who establish the level of detail and the scope. Hence the extent of information will vary, and thus the database holds both detailed registries, descriptions of collections, and/or brief headlines stating that the contributor in question holds archival documents pertaining to Greenland.

The shown information reflects a snapshot and should not be regarded as a final list of all archival material pertaining to Greenland. This is due to several factors: The individual actor registers archival material continuously; archival material pertaining to Greenlandic are not necessarily registered using the word “Greenland”, “Greenlandic”, or variations thereof and can as such be difficult to identify; and that the term “pertaining to Greenlandic“ in itself contains a subjective assessment.

The Greenland Registry is a continuous project, and new contributors and information are thus added on a regular basis.

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Actualization of The Greenland Registry

The Greenland Registry is actualized through generous donations from The Augustinus Foundation, Crown Prince Frederik’s and Crown Princess Mary’s Foundation, 15th. June Foundation, Frederik Paulsen, Hoffmann and Husman’s Foundation (formerly Frantz Hoffmann Memorial Grant), The Greenlandic Foundation, and Knud Højgaard’s Foundation.

The Greenland Registry is in Danish, since most of the archival material is written in Danish. On occasion, news will be translated into Greenlandic, but for now the secretary is unfortunately not able to communicate in Greenlandic.

Questions concerning the Greenland Registry in general should be directed to [email protected]. Please feel free to reach out if relevant contributors are not mentioned in the database. Questions concerning specific information regarding collections or archival material should be directed directly at the relevant contributor.

(+45) 3231 5052

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