Documentation and dissemination of the history of Denmark in Greenland and the Arctic

Danish Arctic Institutes map collection is now partly registrered and scanned

The Danish Arctic Institute's map collection consists of approximately 5,000 maps of many different types - from triangulation sketches, hand-drawn maps and early printed maps to many series and types of printed maps, primarily from Greenland but also from the rest of the Arctic and partly Antarctica. In connection with the first phase of the registration of the collection, completed in 2019, more than 1300 maps were registered, and 500 large maps were scanned. We are now in the process of registering the rest of the collection and have begun scanning an additional approximately 750 maps.

In January 2021, we started making the collection available on our website Until we have completed this process in a few years, the archive manager ( can be contacted if access to the registrant, physical collection or the scanned maps is desired. The preliminary registrant (Excel sheet, in Danish only) can be sent.

The mapping of East Greenland and the naming of localities that have taken place over several centuries are presented in detail in the database "East Greenlandic Place Names" ("Østgrønlandske Stednavne", in Danish only).

Contact the Map Archive:

+45 3231 5055