Documentation and dissemination of the history of Denmark in Greenland and the Arctic

Presentations - for associations, high school classes and other higher education

We offer lectures and presentations on the Arctic Institute and its collections and on Greenland's history, expedition history, art history and other themes based on the archive's collections.

Duration typically 1-2 hours but can be adjusted as needed.

The presentations are typically accompanied by PowerPoint presentation and, by arrangement, a small exhibition of selected documents, photographs or objects related to the theme.

Audiences are from high school level and upwards, associations and the like. Schools are referred to the school services, e.g. in the Nordatlantens Brygge and Det Grønlandske Hus in Copenhagen.

Normally maximum number of participants 35.

Price for high school classes and the equivalent of DKK 1000, and for others by arrangement.

Contact [email protected] / 32315050


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