Documentation and dissemination of the history of Denmark in Greenland and the Arctic

The Danish Arctic Institute´s collections are full of fantastic stories. We tell the stories making e.g. exhibitions, articles and podcasts.

Our main tasks in the Danish Arctic Institute are to maintain the archives and make the materials available for our users. We use a lot of time and energy to constantly update the archives and knowledge databases.

When working with the archives we find a lot of fantastic stories that we want to share by making exhibitions, podcasts and various publications. At the same time we encourage our users to visit the the archive; our motto at the Danish Arctic Institute is that the we store the records so that they can be used.

In addition to our exhibition etc., we have set up a competition called "Academicus Arcticus". In this competition we challenge  young researchers in Greenland and Denmark to write an arcticle in a more popular way - to a broader audience. You can read more about Academicus Arcticus here ->


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