Documentation and dissemination of the history of Denmark in Greenland and the Arctic


The main purpose of this database of Greenlandic stories is to make the searching in written down oral stories easier. The approximately 2280 stories in the base I consider to represent their time in the different regions of Greenland, and it is my intention that the database will be extended with further collections by the help of the users. All stories, that are already translated into Danish, are only added as summaries and can not be used as source; you have to find the original source - preferably the original source in Greenlandic if it still exists.

The majority of the other stories, that means the handwritten and the few printed in Greenlandic, are translated into Danish. Senior lecturer Christian Berthelsen has translated most of the stories as well as Apollo Lynge, Grethe Lindenhann and Signe Åsblom have translated stories.

You will find missing parts of text in the translations. This is due to either unreadable handwriting, strange dialects or if the storyteller (which in some cases is the same person who has written down the story) did not grasp the whole story from beginning to end. In such cases you have to return to the original source, often the handwritten version, if you know how to read the Greenlandic language. If this is not the case, please note this insecurity in your text.

Birgitte Sonne

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The siskin as an assisting spirit

Dokument id:1413
Arkiv navn:
Nedskriver:Holtved, Erik
Titel:The siskin as an assisting spirit
Publikationstitel:The Polar Eskimos, Language and Folklore I
Tidsskrift:Meddr. Grønland 152(1)
Omfang:side 241, nr. 67
Lokalisering:Avanersuaq / Thule

Holtveds arkiv findes på Afd. for Eskimologi, KU, hvor Robert Peary p.t. (2005) gennemgår og reviderer Holtveds oversættelser.


Interlineær eng. oversættelse. - Eng. resumé bd. 152(2), side 97.


Resumé: En mand havde nogle siskener som hjælpeånder. Det så ud som om,

at han ikke lavede andet end at påkalde ånder, fordi menneskene hele

tiden var besat af ånder. Manden blev træt af at have siskenerne til

hjælpeånder og tissede på dem. En lille sisken begyndte at synge:


             "Mennesket nu igen,

              har tisset på os og forladt os,

              den stærke, sådan en stærk en,

              sådan en stærk en, tajâ- jæ!"


fordi han havde tisset på dem og ikke længere ønsket dem som


"Greenlandic Myths & Stories" is compiled by Birgitte Sonne, born. 4. Jan 1936, MA in sociology of religion, retired in 2006 from Eskimology and Arctic Studies, Dep. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen. She still carries out research.