Documentation and dissemination of the history of Denmark in Greenland and the Arctic

A digital entry for archival records pertaining to Greenland, and located within Denmark, Greenland, and The Faroe Islands

As of August 2020, Danish Arctic Institute commenced the three-year long project, The Greenland Registry, which is to ease the search for archival records pertaining to Greenland and physically located within the Danish Realm. As a joint platform, The Greenland Registry is intended for employees at archives and museums, along with scientists, writers, journalists, and others with an interest in Greenland and Danish activities within the Arctic.

It does happen, from time to time, that an archive or a museum is the recipient of a complete collection of archival records from an individual or a project; but these are rare occasions. Likewise, is it a rare sight to find - located within one archival institution - a complete collection on a specific subject or them. As a rule, archival material usually appears in museums and archives via unpredictable routes. This is especially so for historic material pertaining to Greenland, and this poses great difficulties for archive users.

As a professional archive, Danish Arctic Institute often helps visitors continue their search for historical material located in other archives. This assistance will be completed and simplified through The Greenland Registry, since the visitors will gain access to a broader spectra of relevant archival records (primarily documents), without necessarily having to make the journey to visit archives in either Denmark, Greenland or The Faroe Islands. Simultaneously, it saves the users the strain of identifying the many databases, platforms, and websites related to archives.

For this project to have the desired scope, we aim at covering equally in breadth and in depth, and therefore we want to engage with both large and smaller archives, for whom The Greenland Registry can be the means to gaining more visibility. We will gladly open a dialogue into the ways in which you can benefit from The Greenland Registry by using it as a platform for displaying your archival records pertaining to Greenland.

The Greenland Registry is actualized through generous donations from The Augustinus Foundation, The Greenlandic Foundation, Knud Højgaard’s Foundation, 15. June Foundation, Frantz Hoffmann Memorial Grant, and Frederik Paulsen.


The database is under development


Contact info

Project Manager Lone Riis

(+45) 3231 5052