Documentation and dissemination of the history of Denmark in Greenland and the Arctic

Records from the 5th Thule Expedition is housed at several institutions. As a part of the 100-year anniversary of the 5th Thule Expedition, Danish Arctic Institute has created this incomplete & broad registrant detailing where these records can be found.

5th Thule Expedition was initiated and organized by Knud Rasmussen and took place 1921-1924 in Canada and Alaska with a small trip to the eastern most tip of Russia. This expedition is one of the most important expeditions in the arctic history of Denmark, but is also of great importance to the Inuit, as Knud Rasmussen, being partly descended from Inuit himself, confirmed the historic and linguistic relationship between these people from Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Russia.

For access to the registrant, click here: '5th Thule Expedition Registrant'

You can read about the 100 year anniversary of the 5th Thule Expedition here:

Some of the participants in the 5th Thule Expedition. Rear row from left: Ethnographer Kaj Birket Smith, archeologist Therkel Mathiassen, secretary Helge Bangsted. Front row from left: Captain Peder M. Pedersen, expedition leader Knud Rasmussen, carthographer Peter Freuchen and assistant Jakob Olsen. Photo: Therkel Mathiassen, 1921 / Danish Arctic Institute.